Tuesday 2 August 2016

The delectable Mrs Trump

There are dozens of reasons I believe Donald Trump would be a lousy President of the United States of America. The fact that there are tutti laying pictures of his wife doing the rounds is not one of them.

I am constantly amazed at the puritanical streak some of us display when faced with a bit of flesh. What really is so shocking about seeing a picture of a woman as God made her (perhaps in Ms Trumps case with a little help from a plastic surgeon). 

A few years ago there was a craze for ladies of the Women's Institute and the like to make money for charities by publishing nude calendars, often with strategically placed pots of jam. Some were branch secretaries of local Conservative parties etc. Most of us found it jolly good fun.

I honestly thought this demonstrated that maybe we were growing up. But it seems the mock outrage at Ms Trump has shown that our inner prude is desperately trying to get out. 

Getting at Trump through his wife is nasty and demeans us. Trump is not the first rich and powerful man to use his assets to land a pretty woman. He's never made any bones about having a pretty juvenile attitude to his personal life. To me he seems a bit emotionally immature. I doubt that will bother too many men casting their votes, although women may take a different view.

It seems to me that what scares many about Trump is that he holds a mirror up to all of us and we don't like what we see. Can any man who enjoys a furtive glance at porn, really condemn Trump. How many women use their assets to enhance their earnings/lifestyle? The Trumps just do it in a bigger and brasher way.

We get the politicians we deserve and perhaps the most disturbing thing of all is that perhaps we deserve Donald Trump and his delectable wife.

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