Sunday 14 August 2016

Tweets of the week - 14/08/2016

I've been away for a week! I've been on a social media detox and so all the blogs your read here before yesterdays entry were pre-prepared ones that I had in the bank, as it were. So what have I been missing in our little corner of London. Here is my pick.

1. Did you know they've opened a new lido in Burnt Oak! Susan Beattie is none too impressed

2. It seems its all going on in Burnt Oak
3. Some useful advice for anyone looking for drugs in Colindale. You can always rely on the Colindale police to protect the interests of consumers!

4.  Feeling hungry? Colindale is a great place for a Sunday Lunch

5. Perhaps the best backdrop in London to watch Football?
6. There's a thirsty burglar on the loose!
7. A nice piccie from the Barnet Society

 8.  Worrying news for us Mill Hillians!

9. Fascinating article in the Borneo Post detailing the legacy Mill Hill has left in Sarawak!

10. One of Mill Hill Music Complex finest bands launched their EP at the Dublin Castle on Friday Night!

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