Tuesday 23 August 2016

Time to reform the honours system

As our Olympic squad return victorious from Rio, there is talk of an avalanche of honours for the team. I fully back this proposal. The likes of Mo Farrar show us just what hard work and dedication can achieve. The team have brought us much joy and merriment and that deserves recognition.

I do however believe the system requires a shake up. Firstly many honours have ridiculous names. There is no British Empire. When there was, for hundreds of millions of people it stood for a highly undemocratic and elitist system. If I was an immigrant from a commonwealth country, I'd feel very conflicted to be given a gong celebrating this awful historic legacy. Why not simply change the E in gongs to the word Excellence. 

A gong should celebrate supreme achievement or dedication. This would reflect its prestige far better than a gong celebrating a defunct and failed form of imperialism.

Further more I'd ban gongs for political cronies, donors and lackeys. The system would be well shot of these. I have no problem with senior ex politicians being given gongs, but I resent political failure being rewarded with a seat in the upper house. This chamber should be elected..

It is time for the UK to become a modern, fully democratic country that recognises excellence, rewards success and moves away from its dark, imperial legacy.

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