Wednesday 8 February 2017

Brexit - Lemming MP's vote to throw away the parachute

I am speechless at the stupidity of our MP's. In the Brexit debate yesterday, they voted to ensure that the final Brexit vote will be on a "take it or leave it" basis. This means that if the PM gets a rotten deal or one which the house believes needs amending, they will have no choice butto approve it or throw it out completely. They have voted to wash their hands of all responsibility and give the maniac #Brexit mob running the government a totally free hand.

In the referendum their was a small majority for Brexit, fuelled by a whole stack of lies, such as the £350 million a week for the NHS. In the circumstances a cautious approach would be more than justified, but in the mini coup that followed, all of the important roles were hijacked by hardline Brexiteers, who have now conspired to give themselves a free hand.

To his eternal shame, Jeremy Corbyn has conspired with these dangerous men to ensure that a bunch of hard line right wingers get exactly what they want. The right wing press labels remain supporters as remoaners and whingers, forgetting the 42 years that the Brexit mob disagreed with a far greater mandate in the first referendum. What sort of MP votes to throw away his parachute when he's on a crashing plane? It seems that the majority of them in the house of commons. Lord help us.

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