Saturday 11 February 2017

The Saturday list #117 - The 22 highest points in London

I've always told people that Mill Hill is the highest point in London. It is one of my favourite pub throw outs. After many years, one of my mates challenged me this week. He said  " 'Ere Rog, as usual you are talking B@ll@x. I 'ad a shufti on wikipedia and you are a fraud ". You can imagine how I felt. My Dad had reliably informed me that Mill Hill was the highest point and I knew he knew his stuff. So I had a shufti at Wikipedia. Here is the list

Westerham Heights

Bromley TQ436564 (51.288°N 0.060°E) 245 metres (804 ft) [1]
Sanderstead Plantation Croydon TQ343618 (51.339°N 0.072°W) 175 metres (574 ft) [1]
Stanmore Hill Harrow TQ164934 (51.627°N 0.318°W) 152 metres (499 ft)[citation needed]
Arkley Barnet TQ219956 (51.645°N 0.238°W) 147 metres (482 ft) [1]
Clockhouse Recreation Ground Sutton TQ282598 (51.322°N 0.160°W) 147 metres (482 ft) [1]
Highwood Hill Barnet TQ218941 (51.632°N 0.240°W) 145 metres (476 ft) [1]
Harrow Weald Common Harrow TQ149931 (51.624°N 0.340°W) 145 metres (475 ft)[2]
Hampstead Heath (North End) Camden TQ264867 (51.565°N 0.176°W) 134 metres (440 ft) [1]
Shooter's Hill Greenwich TQ438765 (51.469°N 0.071°E) 132 metres (433 ft) [1]
Highgate (North Hill) Haringey/Islington TQ282878 (51.574°N 0.150°W) 129 metres (423 ft) [1]
Pinner Hill Harrow/Hillingdon TQ107916 (51.612°N 0.401°W) 126 metres (413 ft)[citation needed]
Scratchwood Barnet TQ201953 (51.643°N 0.264°W) 125 metres (410 ft)[citation needed]
Harrow Hill Harrow TQ153874 (51.573°N 0.336°W) 124 metres (408 ft)[2]
Bournwell Hill Barnet/Enfield TQ256976 (51.663°N 0.184°W) 115 metres (377 ft) [1]
Sydenham Hill (Crystal Palace) Lewisham/Southwark TQ340721 (51.432°N 0.072°W) 112 metres (367 ft) [1]
Westow Hill (Crystal Palace) Bromley/Croydon/Lambeth TQ337707 (51.419°N 0.077°W) 110 metres (361 ft) [1]
Forest Hill Lewisham TQ350735 (51.446°N 0.063°W) 106 metres (348 ft) [3]
Havering-atte-Bower Havering TQ512930 (51.615°N 0.184°E) 105 metres (344 ft) [1]
Muswell Hill Haringey TQ283896 (51.590°N 0.148°W) 105 metres (344 ft)[4][5]
Woodcock Hill, Harefield Hillingdon TQ067915 (51.612°N 0.459°W) 103 metres (338 ft)[citation needed]
Ferny Hill (Enfield Chase) Enfield TQ280979 (51.665°N 0.149°W) 102 metres (334 ft)[citation needed]
Highgate Hill Camden/Haringey/Islington TQ288872 (51.568°N 0.141°W) 100 metres (328 ft) [1]

Sure enough, at first glance my mate was right! I felt like a prize plum. But then I took another look. It seems my mate was a bit hasty! As far as I am concerned, and definately when my Dad would have ascertained the information, Highwood Hill, which is at number 5 and is in Mill Hill is the highest point WITH A LONDON POSTCODE!  when my Dad was in the RAF flying from Hendon. So his honour remains intact! In future though, I will have to say that Mill Hill is the highest place with a London Postcode!

So if you want  a pint at The Highest Pub with a London Postcode, then The Rising Sun is the place for you! As to the actual Highest point - That is atop The Shard! But personally I'd rather have a pint up at The Sun!

I think I may at sometime do a little project to visit the famous 22 points.

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