Sunday 12 February 2017

The Tweets of The Week - 12/02/2017

What have the twits of Barnet been up to this week?

1. Yesterday we had the Sacred Street Party in Edgware

2. Rather like this tweet!
3. F3 Group are working on the Council leaders piles! (f'nar f'nar)
4. John Breeze, "The Padstow Busker" is appearing at The Chandos Arms tomorrow (Monday)
5. Great pic of the recreation of Barnes Wallace office at The RAF Museum
6. Love this shot of the Cricklewood Crisp factory circa 1931
7. As ever Barnet Rebel makes the cut with some great piccies!

8. Nice piccie from John Keough of coldfall Wood in Finchley

9. Another century, another time. Almost made me feel quite nostalgic!

10. A Mill Hill Landmark has it's 38th Birthday this week

And here is a special treat for you. This was our favourite tweet. Apologies to our Welsh friends

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