Thursday 9 February 2017

Thameslink - When will the government do something to end commuter misery?

Yet again, Thameslink has got my day off to a rotten start. As ever, at 07.08 I checked the Thameslink website to see if the trains were running on time. It stated that the 07.17, the train I wanted was running on time. So I made my way to Mill Hill Broadway station. I got there to find it had been cancelled.

If nothing else, this gave me a chance to write this blog. Every day Thameslink reports on the previous days performance. Today as I write this they still have Tuesdays figures up

As you can see, over 40% of the trains on Tuesday didn't arrive on time.  This is a huge number of disrupted journeys. I thought I'd have a look at what my MP Matthew Offord had to say about it. Interestingly he uses a tube train, not a Thameslink train as his logo on his website. I wonder why?

His "plan" says

A better deal for train users

As a Hendon resident I am a regular user of the Northern Line and understand how important it is that hard working commuters and other Tube and train users have a smooth and comfortable journey.I will continue to campaign for improvements to the Northern Line and Thameslink and am Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group to improve the Thameslink line.
He has asked for your thoughts on how to improve the service

One of my priorities is a better deal for public transport users. Living locally and using public transport, I am aware of concerns about Thameslink, the Northern line, station access and facilities, cycle routes and bus services.
Many residents are frustrated by delays, overcrowding or cancelled services. This can badly affect working lives, recreational activities, holidays and visits to family and friends.
To help me make the best representations possible to public transport providers - Govia Thameslink, Network Rail, Transport for London (TfL) - I would like to hear about local residents' views and experiences. Please therefore support my campaign by completing my Transport Survey below.
One would have thought that after seven years in the job, he might know what local people thought of the service! I suppose we get the service we deserve and with such a clueless MP it's no surprise that Govia are getting away with it!

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