Friday 13 October 2017

The Friday Joke 13/10/2017

A group of Barnet politicians recently attended a session on sexual health and wellbeing. The rather charismatic course leader said 
"The first thing we always do is a little icebreaker, to try and work out what the group is like and what their interests in the subject are. So we will start with a little question for all of you.  According to a survey we just completed, ninety percent of all people masturbate in the shower. Interestingly, the ten percent  that don't sing a particular song by The Beatles"
The group sat back in thought. 
The therapist shook her head course leader then said "So can any of Barnet's finest tell me what song they sing?"
The group all scratched their heads and one by one exclaimed "No."
The course leader then said, "I didn't think so."

Have a great weekend!

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