Monday 2 October 2017

This is Silver Week in Barnet, celebrating older citizens
This week is Silver Week in Barnet. The following PRESS RELEASE has been placed on the Barnet Council website

Barnet will celebrate Silver Week with an exciting programme of festivities taking place from Sunday 1 to Saturday 7 October.
Silver Sunday kicks off Silver Week with a free afternoon tea at Woodhouse College, hosted by the council and Barnet Seniors Assembly.
Silver Week will see those over 55 invited to a variety of activities and events, such as: art exhibitions, coffee mornings, well-being workshops, kayaking taster sessions, afternoon teas, relaxing therapy treatments, health walks and much more.
This is the third year Barnet will host a week-long celebration of Silver Sunday, to ensure as many people can take part as possible. The week also includes a showcase event at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, with performances, demonstrations, information and advice on Tuesday 3 October. With more than 45 events taking place in the borough, there’s something for everyone.
Silver Sunday is an annual day of fun and free activities for older people across the UK, led by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation, to combat loneliness and isolation.
Councillor Sachin Rajput, Chairman of the Adults and Safeguarding Committee, said: “We value the contribution older people make to our society, which is why we have come together with partners across Barnet to celebrate with several fun events and activities in the borough. I invite older people to join in with Silver Week. This is a great way to try something new, make new friends and overcome loneliness and isolation, that some may be experiencing.”
Council, with sponsorship from Capita, have worked in partnership with a number of voluntary organisations and local partners to come together to highlight the value and knowledge of older people.
For more information and to view the full timetable of activities throughout Barnet Silver Week, visit local Barnet Libraries or click here. 
To view events on Silver Sunday, click here.


A few things. Firstly the link is wrong for Silver Sunday, it should be Silver Week Activities
does no one at the council check these things. It disappoints me that the council doesn't work with local bloggers to promote these things. I try and keep an eye on their website, but miss things, and I didn't notice this. Silver Sunday was actually yesterday. I know bloggers in Camden, who are equally critical of the council, but they have a better attitude to social media and bloggers are encouraged to work with the council. This means that in Camden, events such as this are supported across the community. Bloggers also get access to interview senior councillors on a regular basis, allowing for a proper dialog. Given that tens of thousands read this blog every month, the council are missing an excellent chance to properly engage.

The logical thing for the council to do would be to develop an app and a noticeboard to allow any blog, newspaper, organisation etc to list local events on their website and be informed of events. Presumably the council want these events to be successful. We certainly do, which is why, even though they haven't asked us to, we are giving it a plug. 

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