Saturday 14 October 2017

The Saturday List #150 - My Top Ten Saturday Lists!

Today is a big day for Saturday Lists! It is the 150th Edition! I never thought the series would make it to 150. I didn't realise that there were so many things that I could make a list about. To celebrate reaching 99 lists, I made a complete list of my lists, so if you want to pick and choose your top ten from the first 99, it's quite easy.

The Saturday List #99 - The complete list of Saturday Lists

I always enjoy putting the lists together (well not always true, sometimes if I have a hangover I'd rather not bother).

I was pondering what my top ten lists were for this edition. Here is my pick, in no particular order.

1 - The Saturday list #83 - My ten favourite tasty snacks in London

A good list makes the reader think and ask the question "what would mine be". I think this one works really well on that level.

2 - The Saturday List #39 - Ten Great Protest Songs

It's always good to put a list of great songs together. This is a good one. I love a good protest song.

3 - The Saturday List #12 - Ten shops win Mill Hill Broadway which I really miss

Always good to have a bit of nostalgia!

4 - The Saturday List #22 - How I will spend my lottery winnings

We've all made this one!

This one attracted a few comments from friends!

This one always makes me chuckle

This one was fun and got a few comments

I love  a bit of pontification!

The secret of my success!