Sunday 1 April 2018

Barnet Council to re-introduce bears to Darlands Nature Reserve

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Brown Bears at Darlands Lake
The Barnet Eye has discovered a secret plan by Barnet Council to re-introduce bears to Darlands Nature reserve later this year. Much of the Borough of Barnet was traditionally Royal hunting grounds in the time of Henry VIII and departing Tory Leader Richard Cornelius has stated that it is a long standing ambition to re-introduce native species to support the ecosystem. Cornelius was quoted as saying, at a closed session of the Council environment committee "Re-introduction of bears would be a cheap and environmentally friendly way of controlling the population of Muntjack deer and Beavers which are currently doing much damage to the nature reserve. We aim to be the most green and eco friendly borough."

Cornelius noted that Henry VIII had a bear skin rug, from a bear he'd personally slain in Darlands lake. When questioned by Labour Boss Barry Rawlings about the effects on dog walkers, Cornelius stated that bears would be fitted with large bells to alert people to the dangers.

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James Towell said...

The man is demented. Put bell on a Bear the bear'll rip it off. Or saying that if we're gonna end up with bears Might as well chuck a couple of wild Puma's into the mix and a few Parahnia's in the lake.

The man's a clown and the sooner the likes of him are voted out in a months time hopefully there will be a few less hair brained schemes.