Monday 2 April 2018

My new years resolutions - progress at the quarter way stage!

Back on  New Years Day I published my seven new years resolutions. Today is another Bank Holiday and we are exactly one third of the way through the year. So I thought I'd review how we've been doing.

Here they are in italics, with the progress below. 

1. Get my weight down from 17st 3 lbs to 14 stone by this time next year. I got into a very bad habit of eating too many pies for lunch. This will change. It already has!

Well I guess I am on track. Last time I checked I was 15st 13lbs which is more or less bang on

2. Many people are going to stop boozing for January. I think this is a stupid concept. I have a far better one. I am going to have three non drinking days a week. This will add up to 156 days in 2018.

I am nearly bang on with this. I've managed to only miss two weeks on this and one week I did four days!

3. I am going to write the best song of my songwriting career! I feel that The False Dots are in a rich vein of form, so this should happen.

Hmm, I've not written a single song yet. I have put together a few decent riffs, but haven't got the lyrics together at all. Must try harder

4. I am going to complete one of the five books I've been writing for the last two years.

Even worse than the songwriting! Not written a word yet! Just no time with the canvassing, although I have decided that the first one I will concentrate on is "The Glory Years". It is the story of the formation of The False Dots, through to the first gig at The Harwood Hall in Mill Hill. When I read rock star biogs, I always find the bit up until the band is actually up and running the most interesting. For us, this is pretty much the case. Once you have a band out and gigging, the stories are all pretty much the same. For us the bit getting together was hilarious. The jam session with Hank Marvin at his mansion in Elstree, as his son Paul was our drummer, is always a good story to tell. There is also the tragic bits, with our first drummer getting thrown through the window of WH Smiths and the Jewellers by thugs who mistook him for our bass player, as he waited for a 221 bus. The sheer amazement when we recorded "Not All She Seems" at Alan Warner's "Lane studios", added an acoustic guitar and realised that we sounded like a real band for the first time. (Alan has been a mate ever since). It will be warts and all, including how a Canadian guitarist, who had allegedly been a roadie for the Sex Pistols got hit over the head and knocked for making some constructive criticisms of the bands artistic merits. It's all there, but

5. I am going to make a follow up film to "A Tale of Two Barnets" and "Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble".  When we made those films, we were trying to put a message across and no one (in Barnet Council listened). I am going to take to the streets with my camera and ask "Was I right?"

I've made a start on this. Done three interviews and shot some great footage. It is now onn hold though, until after the Council elections, as I have to focus my spare time on the campaign.

I have made this short film about the Colindale Foodbank that I am very proud of.

6. Get elected in the 2018 Council Elections in Mill Hill ward with Richard and Donna!

We are working hard to do this. I enjoy getting out and meeting people. It is always a pleasure. People seem to like the message we are trying to get across. It is pretty clear to me that people recognise that things are starting to go badly wrong with the current administration. We are looking for more Mill Hill residents to help us get the message across. If you like meeting new people, want to get some exercise and are a Mill Hill Residents who loves the locality and wants to see the area improved, why not help us! Get in touch ASAP!

7. I am going to bore you all solid detailing the progress on the above resolutions throughout the year using the medium of this blog.

. As you can see, I'm being true to my word!

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