Saturday 7 April 2018

Saturday Fun - Let's play Barnet Council Pothole Bingo

The Barnet Tories are boasting on their website that they are doing a marvellous job with the local roads and waiving around some rather "interesting" statistics about how many potholes they are fixing a month in the Borough

Just to put in perspective how well they are doing, there are 21 wards in the London Borough of Barnet. That means that in each ward, they are filling in approximately one per week. As there is a council election on the third of May, I thought it would be interesting to count the number of potholes, bad road surfaces and road hazards between my house and the polling station using my usual route (Down Millway, Along the Broadway and up Hartley Avenue). Having counted them on the way up, I though I'd photograph them on the way back for posterity and tweet them. Here is a challenge. Normally I'd offer a prize of a free pot noodle for the winner but that breaks election rules. So it's just for fun. How many potholes are there between your house and your polling station?

If you can tweet all of them and beat our total you are the winner!

To find out how many we found, click on the tweet below!

Assuming they fix these at the advertised rate and don't do any others in Mill Hill, they will all be fixed by the 15th September.

Oh what fun we have in the London Borough of Barnet.

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