Tuesday 6 November 2018

Bin Collection Chaos hits Barnet - Find out when your bin will be collected

Bin collection days have changed
This week the new bin collection rounds started. In true Barnet Council style, it appears that the process is rather chaotic. I arrived back from holiday in Australia this morning at 8am and ambled down to the shops to get a loaf and some bread. Three neighbours questioned me as to whether I had  a clue what was going on with bion collections. All claimed not to have seen leaflets advising them as to the new day. I promised that I would post an update on my blog before noon, once I found the links to inform them. So much as I wanted a sleep, having had none since Sunday, here it is.


A cursory trawl through the Barnet Council twitter feed also shows that streets are being missed and offers some advice as to what to do

 We will keep you posted as more details become clear. What is no surprise to anyone who follows Barnet Council is that yet another change has been cocked up. I spoke to one of our local councillors who rather glibly told me "Of course, the bin collection service is in house, maybe  it should be outsourced". I asked them "Do you think that Barnet will ever be able to retain competent management and staff when there is the constant threat of outsourcing and councillors saying things like this?". I was met with a glum stare. The truth is that if you want good staff, who can operate complicated services, you need dedicated, motivated staff. Many Barnet staff have told me that they simply don't feel appreciated anymore and would leave if they found a better job. This is why changes like this go wrong.

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