Sunday 4 November 2018

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Sunset over the Whistsunday Islands
A few of  my more regular readers will have noticed a drop in the number of blogs of late. Thanks to the kind reader who emailed to ask if everything is OK. Yes it is, it is wonderful. There is a simple reason for the lack of blogs, we've been on holiday in Australia and I simply haven't had the time or inclination to write blogs in the way I do normally. It takes a lot of time and can be quite stressful, researching the idiocies that make up the majority of our output. Even bloggers need a break. I'm writing this as we pack. It's Monday morning and we'll soon be leaving for the airport. It's 8.45 am here, and it's 21.45 on Sunday night in London.

I will see a few of you on Tuesday night at the hearing into Capita at the Houses of Parliament. It has been fantastic visiting Australia. We had a night in Singapore, a couple of nights in Melbourne, a week at the luxury resort of Hamilton Island and a couple of nights in Sydney. It has been a blast. I don't advertise the fact that I'm away usually, I don't want the council to think we're not watching!

We were lucky to be able to go on such a wonderful holiday as I won the Hamilton Island accommodation in a charity auction for a hospice at a knock down price. Flights at this time of year are cheap and we've made full use of AirBnB's elsewhere. I will write a full blog about our wonderful time when I get back, most likely at the weekend, when I've caught up on the work backlog.

One interesting difference between Australia and the USA that we noticed immediately is the lack of a tipping culture. In Australia, the minimum wage is $17.62 and jobs are well paid. People working in restaurants don't need tips to survive. There are social ills in Australia but as I've travelled to both the USA and Australia a fair few times, I am reminded that Australia is like the USA with a more compassionate face. I don't think any country has really got it right or wrong, but Australia has a lot going for it.

I am, however and always will be a Londoner. After a couple of weeks, I can't wait to get back, play football at Powerleague on Thursday, have a curry at the Mill Hill Tandoori and not have to get up at 2am to watch Manchester City FC thrash Southampton. I am also looking forward to a rehearsal with The False Dots and seeing the friends we left behind.

Anyway, see you all on Tuesday, God willing.

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