Sunday 8 January 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 8th January 2023

 So here we are, the first ToTW in 2023. It's been back to the grind for me. Rehearsal on Wednesday, Five a Side on Thursday, no curry this Friday as not drining and trying to lose weight, and down to the Dublin Castle last night for a cracking band called Whelligan, that feature the in house buglar at Hadley FC, Tom. Check them out, if you like tuneful pop music with a bit of Scouser humour. The vocalist has a great pop voice.

Enough of me, what have our top tweeters been up to?

1. Congratulations to Mr Mark Amies on his @time_nw account passing 5,000 followers. Mark set this account up after a conversation with me about how much interest their was for a genuine local account that posted information that was local and interesting. We were musing on how much genuine interest there was in such info on twitter. The growth has been organic and steady since the account was started. I think Mark has proven his point that if you want a genuine following, you should post genuine interesting content. This tweet is a typical example of why Mark's account is so popular.

2. And I'm sure that Mark will be checking this out if he's around!

3. We will soon have a new railway station in the Borough, Wanna know how it's going?

4. A proper shout out to these wonderful people. I still prefer the running version, but this is wonderful

5. Fancy some folk tomorrow night?

6. A free pot noodle to anyone who can identify the location! Nice pic

7. How much do I love this tweet?

8. This is a sight that anyone who has ever played football loathes and happens all of the time, at this time of the year.

9. Join in the fun. Which one is Mill Hill's prettiest church

10. Superstars walk among us in Mill Hill

That's all folks

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