Sunday 22 January 2023

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet 22nd Jan 2023

So how's your week been. I've had a lurgy so I had a quiet night in last night, and a pretty quiet week all in all. Feeling a bit better today though, so not too much to report, apart from writing a brand new song with The False Dots. The way I tend to write songs is to do a 'skeleton arrangement, get the band playing it, record it on my phone, then take it home, mull over it, then work out a proper arrangement with Fil Ross, our bass player and co-producer. The song was called Men & Motors. As sometimes happens, I listened to it and realised that the lyrics were too pompous and boring and didn't really work. So I rewrote them, played the new version to Fil on the acoustic guitar in the shop and now I think it's a banging number. We sorted out the arrangement, so it may well be a very productive week. Also had a couple of nice walkies with the doggies in the Ice

Anyway, enough of my week. What were the Tweeters of Barnet up to?

1. This is my favourite tweet of the week, it's great to see kids learning about their local enivornment and geography

2. This is amazing, perhaps the definitive explanation of how the Norther Line should look.

3. And what a great tweet to follow it with

4. This is another wonderful tweet from one of our regulars

5. Nice thread from Mark Amies on Colindale Station

6. This deserves a good plug

7. This is why I put up with Twitter and some of the people on it!

8. And whilst in Cricklewood, a new landmark was opened there this week. What's the verdict?

9. A date for your diary!

10. And finally, I missed this last week, but as it's next week, I felt it should be here. Please support this

That's all folks!

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