Thursday 20 April 2023

Barnet Council Parking Alert - Check the registration on your parking ticket

 Just a very quick shout out to all Barnet Council residents. Yesterday, I got a parking ticket for my car parked on a residents bay outside my house. I was rather surprised as I had a valid parking permit. On inspection of the ticket, I found that the parking attendent had mistyped the first letter, transposing the K for an X. We did of course immediately report the error to the council. As we walked the dogs yesterday, I noticed that there were a  large number of ticketed cars in and around Mill Hill. It made me wonder whether parking wardens were deliberately mistyping registration numbers. Of course, they may all be valid. What also worries me is that someone, somehwere with the mis-entered number may be in receipt of a charge. There have long been rumours that wardens have targets for tickets. If they are meeting these by mistyping numbers, not only will it cause hassle for residents, it will mean that the council will lose many expensive appeals, adding to our council tax bills. Of course, it may well be a genuine one off mistake, but I strongly urge you to check any ticket carefully before you pay. 

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