Sunday 9 April 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 9th April 2023

 I've had a wonderful week, I hope you have as well. Without further ado, lets see what the Tweeters of the Borough have been up to.

1. Back in 1944, my Dad was flying Wellington Bombers for the RAF and was shot down and taken prisoner in Romania. He was taken to the burial of his rear gunner at a cemetary for allied air crew, then given hospitality by the Romanian Air Force, before being returned to the POW camp. He said that the Romanian people were the warmest, most generous people he'd ever come across, especially given that he'd been bombing them when he was shot down. It seems that the tradition continues. Happy Easter to our local Romanian Community and everyone else. Easter is a time when we are reminded that we are all one people really

2. I think this is a wonderful picture

3. I rather like this. I used to have a Camper Van, but the Missus made me hack it in for a more sensible family car. This is a wonderful advert

4. Reel Streets is a wonderful account, I highly recommend it to you. This is just one example of their work

5. I also rather like Robin Morel's account, he's our local network rail track supremo, he's chronicling the rise of Brent Cross West station. I nearly did an April Fool on that. I was going to state that as Brent Cross Shopping centre was closing, it was being renamed Cricklewood North, which I actually think is a much better name!

6. We don't normally do politics tweets on this slot, but I do think many people will be interested to see these. I think Finchley is the most interesting. Bear in mind, these are only polls.

7. We agree!

8. This looks fun

9. Someone is in a spin at Mill HilL Music Complex!

10. And finally, Happy Easter!

That's all folks!

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