Tuesday 25 April 2023

So if you were a billionaire for a day, what would you do? This is my perfect day of indulgence

Have you ever had that conversation, where you get asked if you were a billionaire for one day, what you would do?

Lets put a few rules around it. You can't give money to charity, as we don't want a load of virtue signalling nonsense. Anything you buy you have to give back at midnight, so you can't buy a Rolls Royce to sell in six months time. You have a day of cashful indulgence. You can pick the day. It doesn't have to be today and you can order anything you like and pay for it on the day. So if you wanted you could hire Wembley Stadium, put on the Rolling Stones and ask all your mates, if that floats your boat. You can stay at any hotel, go to any restaurant, watch any show or sporting event, travel anywhere (we'll allow you to fly back tomorrow and stay in a hotel overnight). Anything money can buy. But just for one day.You can take anyone with you (same rules for them). 

I thought long and hard about this. I realised that I have very frugal tastes in reality, but there are a few things I would enjoy splashing out on. So here goes

So it starts at midnight. Lets start by checking into a fine hotel. But which one?  I'd choose the Shangri La at The Shard. I quite like the idea of a swim in their 52nd floor infinity pool. It's about £1,700 for a suite. I'd have a few friends up for drinks and get them suites as well. I'd have breakfast in bed and then a dip in the pool. I saw the Shard go up from my office in Red Lion Court on Park St, so it is the one hotel I feel an affinity with in London.

I would then follow this with a champagne cruise up the Thames on The Elizebethan, again with my friends and family. I do love London and I love the river Thames, this would be a wonderful second leg. I would finish in time to watch the FA Cup final and have Lunch before at The Bobby Moore suite at Wembley. In truth I'd rather be with the City fans on the terraces, but hey ho, being their with all my mates (most of whom hate City) would be fun. This year, the final will be at 3pm on Saturday 3rd June, which is the proper time for a football match. Now there is an element of jeopardy here, as there is no guarantee City would win and if they lost, it would be typical and a real downer, but hey ho, life is nothing without risks. 

Lee Thompson with Rog at the Dublin Castle
When that is done, we will adjourn for some live music. Now I looked through the list of gigs and there's none I really fancy. So I'd have my own free festival at The Roundhouse. I'd give all my mates first dibs, then give the rest to key workers and have a free bar. But what bands to feature? Well given that I'm infinitely rich, but not Jesus, I can't bring the dead back. So I'd choose the three bands that I really enjoy. I'd put on The Dickies first, who I think are the best live punk band on the circuit. I'd make a live video of the whole thing, so I could enjoy it forever, (all royalties to The Passage homeless centre). Next up would be The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra, who I love. I'd get a couple of guest vocalists to jointhem, including Dawn Penn and The Pioneers. The Ska Orchestra are currently not playing, but I'm sure Lee would resurrect them for a large wad. Then To finish, I'd make sure the party was properly rounded off with a good dance. I'd get Nile Rodgers in. I'd give Nile the green light to get any guest singers he sees fit.

When the fun was done, we'd all nip back to The Shard for a night cap.

It sounds like a pretty good day to me. If there are any nice billionaires out there want to bankroll it, please let me know. You'd be more than welcome to join myself and all my lovely mates!

What is your perfect day?

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