Sunday 2 April 2023

The tweet of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 2nd April 2023

 It has been a pretty good week for me, more of that later. How has your week been?

Without further ado, here are the tweets of the week.

1. So let's start with my highlight. I saw one of the best football matches I've had the pleasure of attending at Brickfield Lane on Tuesday, watching Hadley FC beat Aylesbury 4-3. A real advert for grassroots football

2. Mark Amies nipped into the studio for a cuppa yesterday, always nice to have a chat. I rather like this tweet. There was a time when it seemed like half of Mill Hill was working at Green Shield house. I remember the company going bust. It was possibly the first time I realised that nothing is really permanent. My mum would get myself and my sister to lick the stamps and put them in the books. We always got loads, as my Dad would fill up cars he was working on at MacMetals and nab the stamps. I think that was where my mum got our Xmas presents from

3. Can you help?

4. I thought this was a rather good shout. Any other local suggestions?

5. This is the most lovely tweet of the week by a country mile. My suster went to school with Spike Milligan's daughter in Mill Hill at St Marys Abbey and Spike opened the school fete. Much missed

6. As fighting this nonsense was the Raison D'etre of this blog for many a year, this tweet simply has to be included. It's nice being proven right, but if the daft idiots had listened in the first place, it would have saved Barnet residents tens of millions of quid that the council could've spent on something useful

7. Let's just say we totally agree

8. A date for your diary

9. Another date for your diary

10. Great to hear a local legend on the radio!

That's all folks!

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