Tuesday 30 May 2023

The Finger in the Sun sessions - Day 1

 It had been my intention to give the blogging a break whilst we were in Monchique, Portugal, recording The False Dots new album, provisionally entitled ‘A finger in the Sun’ with musical genius Boz Boorer, at his Sierra Vista studios. We arrived at midnight on Sunday, ate, had a beer and crashed out. Boz has well adapted to life in Portugal, but I always wake up at 7.30, so I have some time on my hands, whilst the rest of the crew slumber, so I thought I’d share the fun.

It is glorious here, my troubles have been left at home. This is my view as I write this.

Yesterday we had a great big fry up to start the day. Then we launched into the job at hand. We recorded drums and bass at my studio in Mill Hill, brought the files, transferred them to Boz’s setup and launched into putting down guitars. This process was liberally lubricated with madronia (the local hooch) and beer. It was a full on day, we finished at 11pm.

I put my lead and rhythm guitar, then Boz added a few tracks. He is an amazing player and it really brought the tracks to life. It helps that Boz and I speak the same language musically. If I suggest a New York Dolls riff, he gets it. 

We made great progress and the three we did are sounding wicked. Our drummer Rambo joined us, but his percussion overdubs will be done tomorrow, so he’s been chilling out. 

His day job is on the maintenance team at Camden Council  so the mountains is a welcome change. I needed a break and I could not be in a better place.

See you tomorrow 


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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great sound surround space to get creative. Inspiration calls