Friday 5 May 2023

The Friday Joke and other Friday Fun

 So lets start off with a joke. This one rather tickled me. If you don't follow Robert Wilkinson, and you enjoy a small titter on your Twitter in the morning, I recommend him. 

Robert is usually one of the first accounts I check when I have my morning cuppa, so this seemed appropriate. 

This weekend, we see the Coronation. It is not the only major event in Mill Hill. The Mill Hill Services  are celebrating their Centenary this weekend. I have had the honour of being asked to perform with my band, The False Dots at the Party. Alan Warner from the Foundations will also be appearing. It is free and there is a barbeque, and face painting for children before the bands. All are welcome.

If you want to know what The False Dots sound like, here is a track from our forthcoming album

It should be a lot of fun, so come along and have a burger and a boogie!


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