Wednesday 31 May 2023

The Finger in the Sun sessions - Day 2

 Yesterday was day two of the False Dots recording sessions at Boz Boorer’s Sierra Vista studios. It was a long day, finishing at 1am. We polished off guitar tracks, vocals and started on the little bits that make track’s special. I rate Boz as a musical genius. I think his work with Morrissey, Adam Ant and The Polecats stands up. The gold discs on the wall confirm this.

The songs are taking shape and one aspect I love of recording is that you hear your ideas come to life. Making music is different to other art forms such as painting, writing and poetry. You finish a recording and it’s done, but the next time you play it live, it will be different again. We have very different arrangements for live and recorded versions. Being a three piece, we simply cannot put the parts in, we’d need at least 3 other members. When we play live though, we can put all the energy in that is that mysterious property that makes live music so amazing.

As a musician, I try and make music that stands up and sounds great. To me, songwriting is about catching and harnessing magic that is floating in the ether. If it says something that has to be said, then great. If it makes someone happy then amazing, if it gets people though hard times even better. When I make a recording, my dream is that one day, someone I’ll never know will listen to it and think ‘what a banging tune’. If they tell their mates, all the better.

That is our mission 

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