Sunday 21 May 2023

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 21st May 2023

Sadly, scenes of natural habitats like
this offend some people

As ever I start with a quick round up of my week, before getting stuck into the meat. Apologies if this is of no interest to those of you who just want a list of tweets about Barnet! My choice avoids politics and tries to be positive and focus on the good stuff going on, finding new local accounts that I deem worth a follow etc. This week has seen some atrocious Trolling of several rather good local accounts, resulting in one of the best @Time_NW locking his account. I hope he feels comfortable unlocking it soon. I despise Trolls, who are invariably gutless bullies. There is one tweet that would be top of my list, but I avoid tweets from locked accounts. Rant over!

I must confess I've had a great week. My team, Manchester City thrashed Real Madrid and won the Premier League. When I started this blog back in 2008, even the idea of qualifying seemed rather remote! I just reread a blog written shortly after the mega rich owners acquired the club. All I can say is that times have changed. The period of 'sackcloth and ashes' I wished upon Man Utd fans has not quite been the relegation to the Ryman League, but also it has not been too long. 

Another highlight was finishing the backing tracks for The False Dots new album. I will shortly be in Portugal at my mate Boz Boorer's studio to finish the job. Anyway, far too much about me

1. Let's start with this rather wonderful tweet. Boosey and Hawkes were a local legend

2. Another local factory with an interesting history was the Smiths Instruments factory in Cricklewood. I rather like this tweet as well

3. Talking of Cricklewood, our local people do great things!

4. If I wasn't massively phobic of snakes, I'd say this chap in Finchley is magificent, but TBH he scares me to death!

5. I really like what this local Tweeter is up to

6. This will always get a mention when it visits us

7. It's always great to see young people getting invloved in nature conservation

8. Want to know who the oldest football team in the Borough of Barnet will be facing this season?

9.Have you got your tickets yet?

10. And finally, an update on the new woodlands in Mill Hill park

That's all folks, have a great week!


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