Wednesday 23 August 2023

The False Dots - Kicking back against cancer and affirming life on the 15th September at the Dublin Castle

It's been a tough old few months for me personally. I'm recovering from major surgery to have my prostate removed. At the moment I'm taking it rather easy. Yesterday was my birthday and as you read, I wasn't in a celebratory mood (mostly because I'm cream crackered), but I've set the 15th of September as my 'official birthday' this year. My band. The False Dots are playing at the  Dublin Castle, Camden on 15th September, with another local band, The Shoals who have been making quite a name for themselves recently. To celebrate my recovery from the surgery, we will be putting on a really special show and everyone who attends, will get a special momento of the night, that in years to come may be worth a fortune on Ebay (or not as the case may be). I'd love to see as many friends of the blog as possible on the night and have a real, life affirming party and a boogie. You only get one life, so enjoy it. A wise man once told me "In life, you will always have crosses to bear. They will seek you out, so don't look for them. When you have the chance, enjoy life"

As to the band? Well if you've not seen us since lockdown (or ever), we've really changed our act, although we've kept a couple of the old classics in there. We now have a very strong Ska element and our shows are great for those who love a bit of a boogie and a lot of fun! I've taken over the lead vocals and we will have a special guest joining us for the evening (more later). 

If you don't know what to expect, The False Dots have dropped some new tunes from our forthcoming album onto our SoundCloud. As well as local hit, The Burnt Oak Boogie, Check out ‘Oh no Sharon’, described by one rather well known superstar as ‘The maddest thing I’ve ever heard. A mash up of Eastenders, Ska and Rock and roll. We also feature a rather bonkers glam rock tribute to the wonderful world on British Sci Fi with Sci Fi Girls - have a listen and let us know what you think?

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