Friday 18 August 2023

The Friday Joke and some workplace advice - 18th August 2023

 One advantage of having had major surgery is that I can skive off work. In truth, when you work for yourself, this is not quite the same advantage as when you re a hired hand. People have been wondering how I am feeling? I've been well enough to attend a short band rehearsal last night. I was completely knackered after. I'd not realised that singing may be difficult when your surgery affects your abdomen, but all in all it was well worth it in terms of mental well being.

After the reheasal a friend gave me a lift home. He works for Camden Council and was telling me the big bosses were having a big meeting next week to discuss plans for his department. He asked my view. This cartoon came to mind, which made me chueckle at the time.

My advice in such circumstances? Keep your head below the parapet if you want to keep your job! I made the mistake of thinking bosses wanted honest feedback on reorganisations back in 1990, when I worked for BACS Ltd in Edgware. I gave them just that and found myself being made redundant six weeks later. In truth it suited me, but if it hadn't..... I have come to the conclusion that big bosses never want to be told the truth. They want to identify gobby troublemakers, so they can be sacked.


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