Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Barnet Alliance for Public Services - AUCTION OF PROMISES

Bidding is now open for the following Promises in Barnet Alliance’s Auction of Promises to raise funds for the Judicial Review of One Barnet. If you would like to bid for one of the Promises below, simply email your name, the amount you are bidding and the Promise that you are bidding for to:-

1. Use of the "blogger bus" with Mr Mustard at the wheel. Mr Mustard will help you to move whatever needs to be moved. The load area is 2.4m in length and the bus has been used by neighbours to take students to university with all their gear, move an upright piano, collect new roofing materials for a shed etc.
2. Breakfast or lunch for two people at Cafe Buzz in North Finchley. £20 Mary Whiting
3. A vegetarian meal prepared for you in your own home.
4. A “promise” to try to fix someone’s computer.
5. A signed copy of the recent book, 'The Regent's Canal' - an illustrated guide to the famous London waterway (see Published in October 2012.
6. A month’s free membership to a Taekwondo club in Barnet/Enfield/Cheshunt for two people.
7. Two one month Gym Passes each with one personal training session at Oxygen Fit Gym in East Barnet (winner 'Newcomer of the Year', National Fitness Awards, November 2011).
8. A comprehensive Counselling/Psychotherapy assessment by a fully qualified and experienced psychotherapist.
9. Homemade Pischinger Torte cake - wafers interlaid with a mixture of chocolate, butter and hazelnuts topped with chocolate glaze.
10. Lesson for small business owners, who want to keep their own accounts, on how to do it and use SAGE LINE 50 accounts programme.
11. Two hour guided walk over unfamiliar parts of Hampstead Heath.
12. Editing and elegantly formatting texts supplied as Word documents, with or without graphics 
(e.g. for flyers, A4 posters, leaflets, concert/theatre programmes, CVs, dissertations, etc).
13. Tuition in how to do Edit and Format as above.
 14. Supplying programme notes for a concert of classical music.
15. Trying to solve your computer’s software problems and giving advice on hardware.
16. Two hours of “Introduction to Microsoft Excel” (spreadsheet software) in the bidder’s home.
17. £25 gift voucher to spend at Mill Hill Music Complex.
18. Hour or half-hour session of spiritual reading/therapy with an experienced reader to help understand the issues in your life and how to go forward.

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