Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Guest Blog Mill Hill Residents Association meeting - by Richard Logue

By Richard Logue,
The Mill Hill Residents Association  (MHRA) has been in existence since 1909 however we hadn't had the number of volunteers we needed to really run the Association properly in the last few years. Several members have kept the association alive in recent years and have been making their presence felt at local committees and contact with the council. we do now however have a committee comprised of old and new members up and running again.

We know that once a local facility is taken away it won't come back, so we believe we are going to need to fight for our community, especially since the council is becoming less accountable to residents through the restricted Residents Forums, the One Barnet project and council decisions made like the imposition of the expensive cashless parking system. Our fire station, police service and our libraries are also under threat means that unless the community stands up to be counted our voice simply won't be heard. Having said that, we aren't political - we don't endorse any political party - we just want to ensure local facilities are preserved for the benefit of all.

We will be holding a public meeting on Tuesday 29th January at 8pm in St Paul's school hall on the Ridgeway. Please come along and let us know what you consider to be the key issues in our community. More information is available on our website
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