Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How far can you trust Councillor Robert Rams

At the Court hearing to give Barnet Council possession of the Friern Barnet Library, Barnet Council agreed to a six week period to allow negotiations between the community groups occupying the library and Barnet Council. Judge Pearl commented that she hoped this would allow an amicable resolution. She explained that the reasonable attitude of the council in suggesting this played some part in her "balancing act" to decide to give the Council a possession order. It is clear that her faith in Barnet Council and Robert Rams was completely misguided. 

Tonight the Barnet Eye received the following Email from Friern Barnet Peoples Library
Cllr. Robert Rams/Barnet Council has has invited CommUNITY Barnet to take over Friern Barnet Library and co-ordinate community bids for building... Decision means no direct discussions with current occupiers. Cllr Robert Rams told Barnet Times the squatters have to go....

So much for negotiating in good faith. So much for allowing until the 31st January to sort out an amicable arrangement with the community groups working to keep the library open.

How independent are Community Barnet of Rams?


The Barnet Times has carried this report.


To quote the report
Today’s announcement means no direct talks will be held and Cllr Rams said it would be up to CommUNITY Barnet to discuss the continuation of the library with appropriate community groups.
He said: “The squatters will have to leave so we can take control of the building and have it to offer to community groups during the official bidding process.
“The squatters have made it very clear who they are and we will go ahead with the eviction at the end of January if they don’t leave themselves.We have put in place a clear mechanism with which the council can work with the community – it is a great opportunity.”
The news will come as a blow to members of the Friern Barnet Community Library who last week put forward five representatives to begin negotiations with the council.
If anyone in Barnet had any doubts as to whether Robert Rams is trustworthy, here is your answer.

Trust is dead in the London Borough of Barnet and I am sickened by this man, who clearly cannot be trusted any further than he can be thrown.


Morris Hickey said...

But in May next year he CAN be thrown - OUT!

Morris Hickey said...

By the way the 2014 council elections that would normally be held on 1 May might be delayed until 5 June to take place on the same date as the UK election to the European "Parliament". It's one way of increasing the turnout for the Euro election!