Thursday, 17 January 2013

Burnt Oak stabbing - time for this madness to stop

Two sixteen year old boys were stabbed yesterday in Watling Park. It appears that the incident happened during a violent robbery. I was alerted by a sudden surge of hits on the blog by people doing google searches for "Burnt Oak Stabbing". I saw this tweet from Barnet Police

Police are looking for the men that stabbed 2 boys in Watling Park,HA8 on evening of 15 Jan. Contact or 0208 733 4053. 

There is a big debate about stop and search at the moment. I don't support the concept of randomly stopping every young black person at every opportunity. This undermines trust in the police and prevents people from co-operating. How do we create an environment where the community and the police work together to eradicate the problem? 

The answer is that people have to be brave. People from the community have to work with the police to get the message across to the young people that carrying knives leads to tragedy.  People demand that the police instantly arrest and jail all young people caught carrying knives. I don't believe this is the right approach. Parents won't involve the police for fear of giving children a criminal record. What we need is a way that parents can get the police to get the message across without instantly blighting their kids career prospects. 

That needs a more subtle approach and a building of trust

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