Thursday, 10 January 2013

Andrew Marr - Whu we should all sit up and take note

My thoughts and prayers are with Andrew Marr and his family today. It was announced yesterday that he has had a stroke. This is a subject very close to my heart. In 2000 my dearly departed Mum had a stroke. At the time she was a fit and well 75 year old, who thoroughly enjoyed life. She looked ten years younger than her age, went on four holidays a year and had a stable relationship with a lovely chap.

I will never forget the morning it happened. I was at a doctors appointment and as I returned I noticed an ambulance outside her house. She lived up the road from me. I ran up and found Mike, her partner distraught. She was like a complete zombie and was paralysed. An ambulance crue were giving her oxygen and she was taken to hospital. Initially she was paralysed down her right side and couldn't speak. She was taken to Barnet hospital, given a scan and put in a geriatric ward. This incensed me. She hadn't been a geriatric the day before? Sadly the truth was that she'd aged 20 years in a second.

The movement returned. Sadly the speech was always a problem. She lost her confidence to go out. Her relationship ended. She became a recluse, embarrassed at her situation. She was a fighter and lived independently until she passed away in 2008.

I sincerly hope Mr Marr has had a less serious stroke. The reasons for my mothers stroke were put down to being on HRT for 30 years. She'd refused to come off and had persistently high blood pressure. If you have a history of strokes in the family, have high blood pressure or choelestorol, I'd advise you to seek madical help. I've seen at first hand what happens if you don't listen. We all think these things only happen to other people. Strokes are one of the most horrible ways your life can be changed and they are avoidable. Please take note.

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