Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Saturday List #29 - Women of note in Barnet

Just for a change I thought I'd make a list of the most influential women in Barnet (In no particular order). Please note that I've deliberately excluded all femal bloggers from this list, because I'd rather hope you know who they are and there are links to their blogs in the sidebar).

1. Councillor Helena Hart -  The leading female Barnet Council cabinet member (portfolio Public Health).

2. Mary McConnell - News Editor at the Press Newspaper group.

3. Alison Moore - Leader of the Barnet Council Labour Group.

4. Tracey Lees - CEO of The Barnet Group which runs Barnet Homes and Your Choice Barnet.

5. Theresa Villiers - MP for Chipping Barnet and Northern Ireland Secretary.

6. Marina Yannaloudakis - MEP for Barnet.

7. Amanda Jackson  - Director of Operations for Your Choice Barnet.

8. Alison Blair - Borough Director, NHS Barnet.

Now of course there may be a whole stack of women in highly influential roles which I've missed. It intrigues me that only two of eleven members of Barnet Council cabinet are female. Of the twelve members of the Barnet Partnership board, only four are female (and three have health related portfolios).

Are there any conclusions to be drawn? I suppose I could point out that there are more or less equal numbers of male and female bloggers in Barnet, who all do equally sterling work. In organisations such as BAPS there is also strong female representation. The interesting thing is that a successful blogger succeeds on merit. A successful activist succeeds on hard work. From what I know of the Barnet Conservatives, usually the women do all the work and the blokes divvy up the best jobs between them. All the women seem to get is a "thank you very much love".

Just out of interest, how many of the above list had you heard of?

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