Friday, 11 January 2013

Friern Barnet Library - Chaos at the Council

Since Christmas, I've been feeling under the weather with a heavy cold. As a result, I've not attended a few of the meetings which I would have otherwise covered on this blog. There are three main sources of information in such circumstances. Other blogs, twitter and the good old fashioned local press.

So we start at the blog of Councillor Robert Rams. What does this tell us? It tells us that despite representing a ward a mile away from Friern Barnet Library, Robert Rams doesn't know how to spell Friern. .Rather sad really for a man supposed to be in charge of our libraries. Robert clearly didn't listen when his teacher used to tell him "i before e except after c". I mean, I'm a dyslexic and even I can remember that. Here's his blog - and he also  seems to think that it is sensible to make announcements that have no connection with reality. In his blog he states that the new usage of the library will be managed by Community Barnet. Sadly within 24 hours, this unravelled. Community Barnet put out a statement.

Then we have the blogs. Mrs Angry reports that Bill Murphy, the contractor hired by Rams to carve up the library service turned up at a meeting, Bill Murphy arrived at a meeting to tell those trying to save the library that "things have changed". I could rehash what Mrs A says, but she does a grand job and I feel too rough - -

And then there are the tweets. Here are a few (newest first) which mention Councillor Rams. As you can see, it isn't looking good for old Sheepsjacksie right now.

  1. Are you saying is responsible for misleading the local press. How terrible !
  2. What is going on ? Community Barnet doesn't want the licence
Now as you can see, from the link to the good old fashioned press, there is an *AHEM* wee bit of confusion as to what is actually happening. The only thing we can be sure of is the fact that Robert Rams has been shown to be completely useless in his cabinet role. What does this revelation mean? Knowing the Barnet Tories, that he's about to replace Richard Cornelius as Leader of the Council no doubt? I honestly haven't a clue what is really happening or what the council are trying to say. It seems "We have to close the peoples library to open it" is a fair summary.

If this is what happens with One Small library, what on earth will happen with the £1 Billion Capita One Barnet project. Chaos reigns supreme. When I was a spotty teenager, I was discussing the name of our band with our old lead singer. He suggested "Chaos in Barnet". My Dad was listening and he piped in "Barnet isn't really the sort of place people associate with chaos, you'd be better off calling it "Toasted Teacakes in Totteridge". Oh how times change.

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