Friday, 3 May 2013

Brian Coleman is guilty of assualt by beating of a woman

So after telling porkies for 8 months, Brian Coleman finally bowed to the inevitable and 'fessed up. He changed his plea to guilty of assaulting Helen Michael, just before the trial. The judge had the measure of him and summiraly dismissed his mitigation that he was fed up with "months of harrassment" by stating "you did it because it would be embarrassing to be photographers in a loading bay after passing unpopular changes to the parking regime". His punishment? Over £1,000 in fines, compensation and costs. His punishment was in the middle teir available to the judge. The fine was equivalent to a week and a half money. This reflected his reduced circumstances, following his loss of earnings resulting from his various misdemeanours.

BBC interview Helen Michael after case
The case had been moved to Uxbridge as Coleman felt he wouldn't get a fair hearing in Barnet. He objected to his address being read out and he even objected to Mrs Angry being allowed in as a journalist, having her ejected. The proceedings were hard to follow in the public gallery as the microphones weren't working.

Coleman tried to use the tweets of Helen Michael as an excuse to get a lighter sentence. Sadly it made no difference. He got what he would have got anyway. For a tier two offence, it was always likely to be a fine.

As Helen told the BBC, Coleman has been acting like a bully for years. At last he has had his comeuppance. It should be the end of his political career. Good riddance to bad rubbish !

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Morris Hickey said...

Nowhere near severe enough. What a pity that hanging, drawing, and quartering are no longer available.