Saturday, 25 May 2013

What Nick Walkley did next - Haringey Special

Whilst this blog concentrates on Barnet, we are intrigued to hear what our former CEO, Mr Nick Walkley is getting up to in Haringey. We have a friend who works for the council and it seems a familiar theme is developing. Mr Walkley has started his policy of weekly emails. This has caused much mirth with my friend and her colleagues, as it has included such pearls of wisdom as congratulating colleagues for having the tidiest desk. My friend also tells how his "relentless drive for efficiency" has involved recruiting some "new executive posts" with staff on £73,000 a year. My friend wonders how this will affect the budget, when these new roles sit on top of teams who's budgets are already under pressure. Apparently Mr Walkley has a different style to the previous CEO, who had a reputation for turning up unexpectedly at all manner of far flung council operations and spending time getting an in depth understanding of how the operation is run. This earned much respect amongst loyal hard working staff. Let's just say that at the moment, Mr Walkley has not quite reached the same level of esteem amongst long standing staff.

It will come as no surprise to Barnet residents to hear that the champion and author of the One Barnet scheme is spreading peace, love and understanding whereever he goes. Perhaps the oddest thing in all of the things I read whilst researching this little blog was this story.

It seems Mr Walkley has ordered an independent inquiry into the way accounts were prepared. What is interesting is that Mr Walkley strenuously resisted such an independent inquiry for the Metpro scandal at Barnet Council. Has he learned that in house stitch ups dont' work? Or is it more likely that as the inquiry will merely prove embarrassing for his predecessor, he sees a use for it in this circumstance.

One thing is clear from a quick google of Walkleys reign at Haringey is the fact that they don't have the vigorous blogging community we have here in Barnet yet. One wonders if Mr Walkley will change that as his reign unfolds. I wonder if he misses all the fun he used to have at Barnet.

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Moaneybat said...

He is where he belongs with,

NEW RE-REBRANDED LABOUR.......... guess who brought him with his boss Boland to Barnet