Thursday, 16 May 2013

Brian Coleman - bitter, twisted and utterly pathetic

The Barnet Press have printed a large exclusive interview with woman beating, misogynist, self confessed criminal Brian Coleman. Coleman smugly boasted that he "only pleaded guilty to save his license". He launched a rather odd rant at Helen Michael accusing her of being a "virtual stalker" despite the fact that he attacked her outside her own business premises. Surely this can only be a rather worrying sign of the kangaroos getting loose in the top paddock as they used to say in Townsville. I suppose Coleman is only the latest in a long line of men who have beaten up a woman half their size and strength, to claim "She made me do it guv'nor".

As ever with Coleman, it's all everyone else's fault. What puzzles me is why the Barnet Press chose to indulge him. I will be following them up over the weekend.

What is shocking is the news that a threatening letter has been left on the wall of Helen's Cafe. Helen is grieving the death of her mother a week ago. This is widely known in Barnet. It is clear that Colemans timing is well chosen to kick her when she is down. It is all completely obnoxious as I am concerned.

Who placed the rather odd notice?  Lets assume it was "a friend of Brian Coleman". If you are a friend of Mr Coleman, surely you'd be better advised telling him to stay well away and to concentrate on getting on with his life.

I have no idea what Coleman hoped to achieve. He has simply ended up looking bitter, twisted and utterly pathetic. Was that his intention? Mr Coleman needs a holiday. I would suggest somewhere a very long way away, because if he allows himself to be totally consumed with rage and resentment it will probably end up involving her majesty and I don't mean a cruise on the QEII.


Morris Hickey said...

"Bitter, twisted, and utterly pathetic".

And stinks

Alan S. said...

Surely, admitting/boasting that he only pleaded guilty to save his driving license could be considered contempt of court if the judge were to see fit?