Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pay and Display Parking returns

Pay and Display Parking is back in Barnet. This paper on the Barnet Council website gives the details

 This says :-

Following the removal of cash machines throughout the borough the current parking payment options include Pay by Phone, Paypoint and Scratchcards. This has now been extended to include Credit/Debit card
machines positioned at strategic locations within the borough. The DPR report 1859, of 6 December 2012, identified these locations to be Car Parks and On-Street in North Finchley Town Centre. It should be
noted that at that time this was the only town centre where the review of parking provision had been completed.

 Needless to say being Barnet there is no apology to residents for the chaos the abolition of P&D parking caused. I suppose we are expected to be grateful for small mercies from our lords and masters at the town hall.


Duncan Macdonald said...

But still no cash option which is what people actually want. It says in the report that take up has been disappointing, which is hardly surprising as the presence of these meters does not solve the basic problem.

Morris Hickey said...

Indeed so, Mr Macdonald. I would be too wary of the possibility of scamming devices to use my credit/debit card in a roadside machine.