Wednesday 15 May 2013

Is football run by morons?

This season we've seen the team that finished 2nd in the league and 2nd in the FA cup sack their manager. They won the league last year. We've seen the team that finished 3rd in the league and won the Champions League sack one manager and appoint another, who has previously won the Champions league, on a temporary contract, with the intention of replacing him at the end of the season.

We've also seen a new contract signed between TV companies and the premier league, giving untold millions to already rich football clubs. Those clubs have ever fewer english players. My 13 year old son plays in the Harrow and district youth league. How much of that TV money filters down to this level? How much money is channelled into coaching English youngsters? I think you can guess the answer.

There are no set coaching standards for youngsters. There is no hardship fund to buy boots for deprived youngsters who can't afford to buy their own boots.

In short, football is a cartel that is seemingly run by a bunch of morons, with not a care about the grassroots, living in an ever more rarified atmosphere at the top. I am starting to wonder if the oxygen will run out completely.


Morris Hickey said...

Yes, Rog, it is - mostly by foreign money-grabbers.

APML said...

If you remember my team (Chelsea) sacked the manager Roberto Di-Matteo after winning the FA cup and Champions league in the same season....That`s moronic !