Saturday, 18 May 2013

Time to take down the picture celebrating convicted Coleman

Earlier this month Councillor Brian Coleman pleaded guilty to assault be beating of local Cafe owner Helen Michael. Many people are disgusted and appalled at men who physically assault women. Many people are of the opinion that such crimes are repulsive and would not want a man guilty of such offenses to be publicly celebrated by the London Borough in which they live. As an ex Mayor of Barnet, the disgraced Councillor has the honour of having his portrait hung in the Town Hall. The Barnet Eye believes it is totally inappropriate to celebrate the career of such a man. We suggest that Barnet Council should immediately remove the poster of Coleman as a message to anyone else who thinks that assaulting women is trivial.


Morris Hickey said...

So does that apply too to the portrait of Henry VIII displayed in the entrance to St James's Palace?

baarnett said...

I think ALL the photos in Hendon Town Hall should be taken down (not to mention all the ones on the main staircase in 10 Downing Street).

So that is, all the great and the good, the effective and the useless, the modest and the buffoons, the righteous and the criminal.

Plain walls are better.

Rog T said...


I take it that as you are a Roman Catholic, you'd be only too pleased to see our 'enry's picture shuv'd in the dustbin.

I don't see a problem with the pictures of former mayors brightening up the walls of the town hall, just so long as they are not convicted crims

Morris Hickey said...

I am Catholic - but not a member of the Church of Rome.