Monday, 13 May 2013

Guest Blog - Barnet Planning in Meltdown - By John Cox

Guest Blog by John Cox,

It is no surprise that Barnet Planning is in meltdown, as the Barnet Eye yesterday  indicated.

The whole Cricklewood, Brent Cross and West Hendon area was included in Barnet's statutory 'Supplementary Planning Guidance' some years ago. Among other things, it predicts over 29,000 extra cars in the area every day, as a result - something that has never really bothered the council.

To try and mitigate against that 'road congestion disaster', campaigners have suggested an east-west light-rail scheme of some sort, across outer north London. (There are various other large development sites that could also contribute towards the cost.) You can search for the 'Brent Cross Railway' and (the even grander) 'North and West London Light Railway' on the web.

After the combined 'Development Framework' was published, West Hendon, next to the Welsh Harp's 'Site of Special Scientific Interest', was made a separate scheme. However, Barnet has failed to ever produce a viable redevelopment.

The latest result is a 'three-times-the-density', ' let's-build-over-a park-as-well' West Hendon planning application. This includes three tower blocks, only 20 metres from the SSSI. There are only twenty-four hours for you to oppose the planning application, if you (hopefully) wish to do so!

As West Hendon and Welsh Harp campaigners say:
"If you do just ONE thing this Monday apart from football, gardening, clubbing, drinking, eating, and amusing the kids, THEN make it submitting an objection to the Barratt Homes planning application to vandalise the wonderful Welsh Harp SSSI, nature reserve and bird sanctuary."

"See the London Borough of Brent's submission (below) for ideas on what to say, but ALSO make it personal - what does this development mean to YOU?"

"Go to the Barnet Planning site LINK and type H/01054/13 into the Search Box. Make sure you give a name and postal address and email address, to get an acknowledgement."
"Email the Barnet Planning Officer dealing with this application quoting the above reference number:  Make sure you give your name and postal address, to get an acknowledgement," 

Link to
web site.

Meanwhile, the outdated, car-based, unsustainable Brent Cross scheme has run out of ideas.

Barnet's Cabinet Resources Committee shows what a disaster it has become.

In addition, Barnet Council has finally admitted that - if ever its 'New Cricklewood Thameslink station' is built at Brent Cross - then 'Old Cricklewood Thameslink station' would almost inevitably close.

We think that even Hendon station would be too close to any new station, and might become threatened. Neither Cricklewood nor Hendon are getting longer platforms, like at Mill Hill Broadway, for instance.

Anyway, there are nearly 2000 postings on our 'Coalition for a Sustainable Brent Cross Cricklewood Redevelopment' web site. So enjoy!

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