Thursday, 9 May 2013

The resignation of Sir Alex Ferguson

You can't escape it. Everyone is talking about it, so I may as well have my say. The current betting is on David Moyes to replace Fergie. A manager who has done a sterling job, but won nothing. United are one of the worlds richest clubs, with owners who take millions out of the business every year. I ask myself, would Fergie have left if he thought he could win the Champions League next year, and beat Biran Clough's record of two European Cups? I personally doubt it. Would United have tempted Fergie to stay, if they thought he was the man for the job, with a huge transfer pot, to buy the players to elevate the club back to contenders? Again I doubt it. United is run by hard headed businessmen. If they do appoint Moyes, I see it as a decision which betrays a lack of ambition. Surely if Fergie was really leaving simply to spend more time shopping in M&S, and they wanted to win trophies, they'd break the bank and get Jose? Am I right? Only time will tell.

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