Friday, 3 May 2013

Brian Coleman in court today

Barnet Councillor Brian Coleman is in court at Uxbridge today charged with assault and driving offenses following an incident in North Finchley in September. The Barnet Eye will be there to cover it and will report later today. On Wednesday I spoke with a friendly Tory Councillor who informed me that Brian recently seems to have lost the plot. In a bizarre blog, he celebrated the demise of our local football team and has generally been upsetting all and sundry in the runup to the trial.

The Barnet Eye takes no delight in the disintegration and implosion of Mr Coleman. Despite his many failings, he was one of the few Barnet Tories to express public reservations regarding the One Barnet program. Sadly Mr Colemans demons seem to have set him on the path to self destruction. I hope that whatever happens today, Mr Coleman learns something positive from the experience


Morris Hickey said...

"Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius".

Morris Hickey said...

And now, some 7 months after the event and his initial appearance, Coleman has pleaded guilty.

What a disgraceful waste of everybody's time.

Morris Hickey said...

The court has given him a slap on the wrist rather than impose a real penalty. What price justice?