Friday, 5 October 2012

The best Nick Walkley resignation rumour in town

I have spoken to a friend of the outgoing CEO of Barnet Council, Mr Nick Walkley and he told me that Nick had one comment about leaving Barnet. He said "I won't miss the obsessive bloggers or Brian Coleman". Now personally I can't believe that Nick would have said such a horrid thing about poor old Brian, but hey ho.

Ever since I first met Mr Walkley, he's been threatening to buy me a pint and discuss our mutual interest in Punk Rock. I think I  had better take advantage of the offer soon, don't you? I must say that I have been disappointed as to how little Nick has done to encourage the punk scene in Barnet in his 3 years in office. He may not have created "Anarchy in the UK" in his time here, but he leaves us with just a little taste of it in Friern Barnet library. Strangely, the locals have rather taken to it.

Please note that Nicks friend may just have been having a bit of fun in quoting him. It is a great quote though ! Strange as it may seem, even Council CEO's have mates with senses of humour (probaly just as well).


baarnett said...

"...disappointed as to how little Nick has done to encourage the punk scene"

He won't have a drink if you call him little.

Mrs Angry said...

Nick Walkley has a friend? Nah, go on. You're having a laugh ...

Morris Hickey said...

Paw Bwian. No fwiends - just fancy fwee.

Alan Stanton said...

Nick Walkley is right to recognise the achievement of Barnet's bloggers.

Fortunately in Haringey People magazine our Dear Leader Kleh Ko Ba has delivered an inspiring message about the legacy of the Cultural Olympiad.

Blogging as a focus of civic and cultural life in Haringey must raise its game. So learning from the Barnet models, let's welcome Nick with less ranting and more investigation. Fewer unfounded rumours and more hard facts. Above all with far better jokes.

(Labour councillor Tottenham Hale)

Barnet Community Action said...

I guess he is irritated by the Coleman because - funnily enough - it was Coleman who rejected the recent Joint Venture conspiracy. It's a fight between elected and unelected dictators.