Saturday, 12 April 2014

Barnet Tweets of the week !

Our Saturday list last week was the "Silly Tweets of the week". This caused a bit of a stir. Loads of hits and a whole stream of emails asking for it to become a regular feature so here we go. The good, the bad and the ugly ! And what a week we've had !

By the way, if you want to help us put this list together, please reply to any funny/crass/interesting tweet with our Twitter handle @barneteye and simply put #TOW and I'll check it out. It can be any subject, but has to make me laugh, smile, cry or jump up and down. I'll even give you a namecheck !

This is meant to be a bit of fun (mostly) so Tweet away ! Hope you enjoy this weeks list

1. The Ugly - Yet again Brian Coleman proves that the bottom of the barrel is lower than you could possibly imagine ! (The Barnet Times joined in the fun

Brian Coleman @BrianTotteridge  ·  Apr 7
Peaches Geldof - obituary | via sad but what was the point of her life ? hardly deserving a long DT obit
2. Mrs Angry puts Coleman in his place pointing out his rather odd attitude to Twitter. My advice to Brian - don't pick on girls !
Mrs Angry@BrokenBarnet Apr 11
why do you tweet me when you've blocked me you great eejit? And what a typically stupid thing to say, but so telling ...
8. Barnet Council again showing that when it comes to PR they are useless. You'd think that a £1.4 million inverstment in a short stretch of road would be pretty hard to miss!
Barnet Council@BarnetCouncil Apr 11
9. The Barnet Alliance recasts itself as the Barnet Taxpayers Alliance, exposing Council officers  Capita Employees living it up at your expense!
Barnet Alliance@BarnetAlliance 15h
Did (you!) financed a trip of employees to the French Riviera? Indeed you did!
10. And as ever, I finish with my own favourite tweet of the week ! What was the bad smell in Hendon MP Matthew Offords office yesterday? We can but speculate
Rog T@Barneteye Apr 11
What is the bad smell in Matthew Offords office?

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