Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Saturday list #60 - The top ten most silly tweets in Barnet this week

Here's my selection of the top ten most stupid tweets in Barnet this week

1. - Cllr Robert Rams@CllrRobertRamsApr 3
(Robert Rams reveals a fascination with wrestling)
2. True Blue @TrueBlueBarnet · Apr 3
This is all very predictable. I'm going to walk my cat.
(Deputy Council Leader Daniel Thomas reveals he has too much time on his hands)
3. BarnetGrassCons@BarnetGrassCons · Mar 31
‘Gay Marriage’ champion Maria Miller hosts fundraiser for Matthew Offord this Thursday in Hendon
(One of the faces of Dan Hope getting it wrong again. Ms Miller bottled out after being exposed for fiddling her expenses)
4. Barnet Bugle@barnetbugle · Mar 30
Are Labour’s bloggers softening up voters for a Council Tax rise should they manage to win in May?
(Another face of Dan Hope, this time pretending that I'm a 'Labour blogger' despite the fact I'm banned from being a member of the party and stood for another party at the last election)
5. Brian Coleman@BrianTotteridge · Apr 3
Aintree's Ladies Day: too risque as punters stay away | via The word that springs to mind is "common"
(Disgraced criminal councillor comes out as a snob, despite living in charity subsidised paupers accomadation)
6. Mike Freer MP@mikefreermp · Apr 4
Great to have visit Brent X to see how Treasury help with regen scheme will deliver new station, 7500 homes & 27000 jobs
(Mike Freer gets a bit of 'Spinitus')
7. FirstCapitalConnect@FirstCC · 15h ago
If you are heading out by train this weekend make sure you check for any planned changes before planning your journey
(First Capital Connect should get an award for stating the bleeding obvious)
8. Barnet Council@BarnetCouncil · Apr 1
Sorry we are currently experiencing problems with our out of hours number. In emergency pls call 0203 142 8467. Thanks
(Barnet Council tweets that it isn't working!)
9.Chris Hewett@TimesChewit1987Mar 27
Named and shamed: Barnet's nine worst takeaways, restaurants and supermarkets (From Times Series)
(Actually this isn't  a silly tweet, but the story originally said the Ten worst takeaways, when there were seven, a butcher and a grocer)
10. Rog T@Barneteye · Mar 25
Man U fans nevermind. You are a massive club! Ha ha
(Yup, I can be a stupid idiot as well)


Ron said...
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Ron said...

"Out of hours number".... That's Capita fabulous service... isn't it?