Thursday 17 April 2014

Mapledown School - an open letter from Reuben Thompstone (as fisked by the Barnet Eye)

The Cabinet Member of Barnet Council, responsible for the budget cut to Mapledown School for the Disabled, has sent an open letter to the Times Newspaper, following their critical coverage of the Council cut. One migh think Mr Thompstone, who didn't even bother to visit the school to discuss the cut, may have had more sense than to keep this vote losing policy in the press but hey ho, if he's that stupid, we would be negligent in our role as Barnets leading blog if we didn't help him in his mission to destroy the credibility of his party. Our bit is in red italics

Dear Sir,
I was surprised to read your article outlining the opposition apparent from the Labour party’s local council leader and parliamentary candidates with respect to the reduction in funding for short breaks at Mapledown School - You were surprised? Really, what do you think the role of a Labour Opposition is, if not to oppose heartless cuts. My surprise stems from the fact that the Labour Group on Council put forward an alternative budget this year which mirrored precisely these reductions in funding despite being given the opportunity to participate in the consultation in this matter last year where not a word was heard from Cllr Moore or any of her colleagues - As you well know the Labour budget (wrongly in our view) had the same headline figure, but individual items within it were radically different. The funding for the school was maintained by a reduction in the number of committees, reducing allowances for well paid fat cat councillors such as yourself. Did you not know this or are you playing fast and loose with the voters and the truth?.
This funding formula was temporary and as central government has now closed this funding stream, we are pleased that we were able to retain a significant service locally with the close support of Headteacher Steve Carroll and in consultation with local parents - This is a bit dishonest, Rubes (you don't mind me calling you Rubes do you),  as you admitted you'd not visited the school to discuss the £45,000 cut. Some reporting appears to mislead, to clarify, the school’s budget (through the dedicated schools grant) is and remains protected - The reporting was accurate, it referred to the £45,000 cut to after school services and respite services for parents of disabled children. Furthermore, with over £100,000 in Mapledown School’s reserve account, it is for the school to determine how best to use their resources for those they serve - This is Rubes at his worst, spinning and being very crafty with the facts. A disabled school needs a large cash reserve, because all manner of situations can arise which require sudden, unexpected calls for cash. Unlike a regular school, failure to meet these cash calls could significantly affect the ability to provision service for very needy people. To suggest that the school fritter away this reserve just to keep going is like saying that the Queen should sell the Crown Jewels to pay for the redecoration of Windsor Castle. Furthermore it shoews Rubes doesn't understand his portfolio.
Perhaps the Labour group might work out how they could show they are ready to lead, instead of standing on the sidelines throwing stones - Rubes, I think that by highlighting this, they already have. You however have shown you don't have the intellect to hold down this important portfolio. Instead, they appear determined to show that opposition is where they belong nationally and locally, as they continue to be part of the problem and not the solution - Rubes, it appears to me and to 97% of Times Readers, there is only one problem - You!
Reuben Thompstone
Cabinet Member for Education, Children & Families,
Councillor for Golders Green

Rubes Letter was originally published on his fellow traveller, Little Bobby Sheepsjacksie's Insomnia cure blog

Thanks Bobster for exposing this plonker for what he clearly is !

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John S said...

Rubes like Rams is obviously a stranger to the truth, and as parents and family carers of disabled adults now clients of the failing One Barnnet exercise Your Choice Barnet, know , and as was established in the high court.

Whenever any of the Cornelius clan claim to be in the process of or have already been consulting with those affected , you know immediately they are telling bare faced lies.

They never consult, end of story,