Friday, 4 April 2014

The Friday Joke4/4/2014

A man walks into his local garden centre and says to the assistant "Please can you direct me to the shed department". The assistant points and says "down that aisle and through the door". When he finds them, another assistant approaches him. Noticing that the customer seems puzzled, he asks "How can I help sir?" The man replies "Where are the coloured sheds , these are all wood?". The assistant replies "That's the only colour that sheds come in". The man looks extremely disappointed. The assistant helpfully asks "What is the matter sir, can I help?". The man replies "Not really, it's just my wife told me our lovelife had become rather dull and she was thinking of leaving me. I love my wife and so I told her I'd do anything to keep her. She replied I could start by having a look at 50 sheds of grey".

I showed this to my wife, she said "The old ones are the best", I asked if that was why she's still with me, she said "We'll it isn't for your grey shed is it?".

Have a great weekend

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