Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Barnet Council announce ambitious plans for Mill Hill Park

Barnet Council today unveil ambitious plans for Mill Hill park. This will involve a complete rebuild of the dilapidated pavillion and new ornamentalgardens. State of the art football and cricket pitches will be included. The project will be funded by the sale of the civil defence byilding in Daws Lane which will be demolished and replaced with a Mosque and Islamic centre for Mill Hills ever growing Moslem community. We understand that Daws Lane car park will become part of the complex with parking spaces moved underground.Whilst the Barnet Eye supports plans to improve the park, we find the timing, just two weeks before councill election purdah a little suspicious.


Mr Mustard said...

Hard to believe Roger that even our councillors could be that blatant especially after last night's Panorama about the Mayor of Tower Hamlets but then they did implement One Barnet the biggest con trick to date ever undetaken in the borough.

Anonymous said...

april fool