Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Barneteye tweets of the week 19/4/2014

As is our tradition, here is this weeks Tweets of the week from the wierd and wonderful place that is Barnet. We feature the good, the bad and the ugly! If you see a tweet that you think qualifies, then simply reply to it, copy @Barneteye in and say #TOW

And as usual we've had some crackers.

1. From our old chum Brain Coleman, who rather oddly found it strange that none of his mates refused to sign his nomination papers for Barnet Council !

Apr 16
Nomination papers in . Many thanks to those who signed them , no one whom I approached declined

2. Deputy Leader of the Tories, Councillor Dan Thomas leaves a rather ambiguous tweet. We rather hope for all concerned that he was simply referring to a pint and nothing more exciting !

A swift one in the Griffin to live music a nice way to finish fiancée's birthday evening.

3. Mrs Angry worries that Mr Mustard was "properly tucked in" for his appearance on the BBC. What can she be referring to?

Dear me. I hope you didn't go commando on the BBC. We bloggers have standards to maintain.

4. Councillor Robert Rams has devised a new election winning strategy. Wind up his constituents who support Spurs !

can calling a fellow Jew militant be anti PC!? Anyway 3 victories this season against u means !!

5. Mill Hill Music Complex with a great (somewhat recycled) Joke

The Friday Joke Have a great Good Friday, We are open as usual !

6. Barnets fiestiest Cafe Owner stands up for independent Traders

owned by Tesco. Support local independent traders. Joie De vie in North Finchley lovely pastries

7. Richard Logue wisely advises us to watch former Barnet resident and Mill Hill Jazz Club regular, now and international superstar Imelda May last Night. Catch it on iPlayer !

Imelda May is something of a national treasure in Ireland and if you want to see why watch her on Graham Norton now on BBC 1

8. Now nationally famous, Mr Mustard revels in his national stardom?

my day is complete. Blodwen has commented on the blog. Such a lovely name and so lovely to say. Welsh & English bloggers are united

9. Barnet blogger Mr Reasonable expresses his disgust at Councillor Tom Davey's rather puerile and offensive tweets.

Whatever your politics you need to read Cllr Tom Davey's posts on Facebook. You will be horrified and revolted.

10. Barnet Unison release their Easter single - A surefire, toe tapping hit.

Sing along to “A Tale of Bob in Barnet” “When he called there was no one there.”

That's all folks !!! Hope you enjoyed them all as much as I did !

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